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Customized Services
Depending on your needs and goals, Bob White Productions offers a menu of customized services that include but are not limited to:

Audio / Video Production
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Training Videos
Producing high quality training materials that engage both staff and customers is a challenge. Poorly designed training reduces productivity and is more likely to reduce the motivation for a new employee to stay with a company. Even worse is that poor quality customer training materials can harm your brand image. We help produce training videos that actually give companies a dramatic result in training.
Television Shows
We produce television shows that give your customer a full understanding of what you want to relay. This gives you plenty of time to let your customer get to know you and your product or service. This really works and is surprisingly affordable when media buying is done strategically.
Creating the message demands a very special skill set of the voice over actor. At Bob White Productions, we’ll keep your viewer's fingers off the remote. Regardless of the documentary topic, our voice talent delivers a polished performance that tells the story in an authoritative and informed manner.
Corporate Videos
A good corporate video ensures that you  don't get distracted by errors or poor quality, you understand and listen to what was said, and you remember it. Video can be a great addition to your website. It can show what you have, how it works, or educate in the use of a product or technique.
DVD Mailers
Direct Mail is a fast, efficient, flexible marketing channel. However, its penetration and impact depends on how well your campaign is organized. Inclusion of digital media components, like CDs or DVDs substantially increases response rates between 3-6 times over traditional mail.
Radio Commercials
We provide a total turnkey service for your radio commercials. This includes strategy, creative development, voice talent, production, targeted media placement, and innovative measurement technologies.
Sales Presentation Videos
Sales is the most important element to the success of your business. How to drive your sales in? Most of the time we use power point, but in the past few years audio and visual treatment has increasingly overlapped the traditional way of silent presentations.
Television Commercials
We are with you from concept to completion. We can use animation, green screens, live on camera, graphics or any combination thereof.
Script Writing
Before you rush to get your name on the air, be sure to have an advertisement that is built on the foundation of a well crafted script; one that resonates with viewers. We have a team of experienced writers and expert marketers working with you to develop a powerful marketing concept and integrating that message into your radio or television commercial.
Lighting & Makeup
Makeup is important, but it is all in the lighting… and our pros know what will work best for you.


Analysis / Marketing
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analysis Analysis
We analyze the actual performance and results to determine the media channels that deliver the best traffic, sales and branding. The diagnostic approach allows us to further plan media strategies based on proven practices to ensure optimal return on investment and deliver measurable growth and lasting success to our clients.
graphic design Graphic Design
We create attention getting graphic designs to brand your business. All of your communications, from logos to billboards and brochures to business cards, will be consistent and memorable. Photography service is also available.
research Research
After developing specific goals and objectives with the client, we pool our resources to research your product/service performance history, conduct a target audience analysis and compile competitive market data to determine the optimal path to advertising success.
creative services Creative Services
The message you send to the consumer is critical, but how it is received is even more important! We provide result oriented copywriting for all media.
consultation Consultation
Nobody knows your business better than you do! We listen to what you want to accomplish and get you there. We have regular meetings to discuss objectives and strategies to provide solutions and help you achieve your goals.
You may know where your brand stands in the marketplace. And you may know where you want to take your brand. But how do you get from where you are to where you want to be? We offer marketing strategy consulting services that lead to transformational marketing strategies for brands, products, and services, as well as increased sales and profits.
sports marketing Sports Marketing
We produce and exclusively offer unique programs such as “Gator Bites" radio trivia, "Gator Updates” a radio guide to upcoming Gator home events, and “Countdown to Kickoff” a preview of the upcoming Gator Football season. These programs are now being offered on conventional media as well as social networking sites.
Media Buying, Placement & Tracking
Buying media is a specialized skill, which requires knowledge of your target clients, consumer behavior, the media, and the criteria used to measure the value of TV and radio programming. Our team has delivered extremely effective results to our clients with innovative, and risk adverse, measured radio and TV media buying and planning advertising strategies.


Public Relations
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Social Media
We use various internet tools and websites to interact with peers through status updates, photo and video sharing, and other personal and business oriented activities. This includes Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, YouTube, and LinkedIn.
Increased Visibility
Increasing the visibility of your business should be a key goal of your day-to-day operations. A visible business enjoys top-of-the-mind awareness among existing and potential customers.
News Releases
Let our expert writers take the hassle out of the press release writing process. We have writers who understand the special needs of a press release and have the insights and creativity to make your press release compelling.
Disseminate Good News
Leave it to us to brag about you and your company. We will get your story to the traditional news media and through social media.
Brand Building
Establishing a corporate identity campaign for your company, or building a brand for your products or services, is about providing your customers a familiar image or series of images they can easily recognize and associate with. These images should reflect the essence of your business, product or service.
Crisis Communication
If your organization is worthy of its reputation and is interested in maintaining its credibility, then emergency preparations are an absolute necessity. When bad news occurs, all eyes are on your organization. We can assist you in developing contingency plans and with training communications personnel so that your company can respond promptly and effectively in the event of any crisis situation. Ideally this media training is done prior to a crisis situation.
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