About Us

Things change quickly. While change is the most exciting area of our industry, it’s also the one that keeps everyone on our toes. Over the years, we’ve added many bullets to our media arsenal and dedicated staff to our team. We embrace the latest technologies while maintaining the tried and true tactics learned from our nearly 50 years in the advertising industry.

From the beginning, the team at Bob White Productions has used innovative, measured and focused advertising strategies that have delivered the best results and outpaced competitors. We compare ourselves to a chameleon- changing with both the market and our clients.

We offer a dynamic combination: the personal service of a small agency and a strong team of knowledgeable advisors typical of larger agencies.

We make sure all our clients receive access to senior management and benefit from our team’s expertise in creative, strategic planning, media buying, tracking and analysis as well as our extensive media relationships.

With the success of your business as our ultimate goal, we give you guidance and select the most efficient ways to deliver your message to your audience- all while staying in your budget- allowing you to concentrate on your business. Your success is our success.